Quality assurance

of the Bachelor of Social-Economic Sciences

Quality assurance

At the University of Antwerp we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a six-year quality assurance cycle.

In year three, we review the quality assurance of the programme during the internal process monitoring and control. In the autumn of 2018, this was done for the Dutch equivalent programme of social-economic sciences.

A peer review in year six concludes the cycle. The study programme conducts a self-reflection and has discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student.

On 24 and 25 October 2022, the peer review team visited the Bachelor in Social-Economic Sciences and decided to confirm its confidence in the programme.

Conclusions of the peer review team

The programme has enthusiastic and motivated lecturers with a passion for social-economic sciences (SES). The programme trains bridge-builders who can combine insights from different disciplines. This gives graduates a unique and wanted position in the labour market.

A unique selling point of the programme is the great freedom of choice in the programme. In recent years, more support for students in their freedom of choice has been developed, e.g. by fixed examination timetables, by a specific mentor for international SES-students and by structuring part of the programme into domains, majors, electives and integrating courses. The students are particularly satisfied with the freedom of choice.

The English SES-programme mainly attracts international students. The programme already puts a lot of effort in supporting the integration of these students. Nevertheless extra effort will be invested for even more cohesion and cooperation between Flemish and international students.

The review team has seen interesting examples of activating teaching. The programme is committed to anchoring the student-oriented and international character even more by, aligning better courses and deadlines for assignments, standardizing communication and stimulating contacts between Flemish and international students.

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Facts and figures

The website ‘opleiding in cijfers’ gives you more detailed information about the Bachelor in Social-Economic Sciences.