Business cases previous editions

Over the past three years, students worked together on the development of almost 20 different business cases. A selection out of the list of the business cases, including some posters, can be found below. Two of the cases  (Beeple and Textgain) were nominated for 'Starter of the year, 2016', which was eventually won by Beeple. Congratulations!

Testimonials Idea Owners

Martijn Joris, co-founder Twikit, edition 2015, 2017 and 2018
Within Twikit we are continuously looking for new products which can be 3D printed and customized. The summer school gave us access to a motivated group of students with mixed cultures and backgrounds. They performed an in-depth analysis on product ideas in a very short period. The quality was really high and helped us in making the right decisions. We even recruited one of the students as a trainee to develop a go-to-market strategy for Germany.

Karel Rabaut, Beeple, edition 2016
To have young creative minds think about our product gave us some new useful insights. As we are always searching for opportunities to develop our company, we were glad to hear from an international group of students how they would improve our product and application. A great collaboration and wonderful experience for both students and professionals.

Guy De Pauw, Textgain, edition 2016
Supervising a group work during the summer school was a very enriching experience for our company. An international team of young and enthusiastic out-of-the-box thinkers flooded us with fresh ideas, which made the summer school a genuine learning experience for both the team members and ourselves. Definitely recommended!

Peter De Rycke, Migino, edition 2015
It was very enriching  for Migino to participate in this summer school. Thanks to the different backgrounds and the enthusiasm of the participants, we gained some useful inisghts to further develop our business. The environment in which the summer school takes place is very stimulating, both for students as for idea owners, thanks to the presence of so many experts.