Next to the theoretical sessions which will introduce students to the framework of a business idea and several aspects related to entrepreneurship, students will also engage in an intensive real-life case group work which will let teams effectively apply the knowledge and skills taught during the theoretical sessions. The goal of the group work is to develop (part of) a business plan, on the one hand by making use of the content taught during the theoretical sessions and on the other hand through intensive coaching by experts from the field and tutors and teachers involved in the summer school.

At the end of the summer school, groups will need to present their working process and (part of a) business plan to a professional jury.

Students will be asked to choose their preferred case prior to the summer school after which interdisciplinary and international groups of 3 to 4 students will be composed. Topics will cover a wide array of products and services, both profit and non-profit as to enable all participants to find an appropriate match. To tackle the problems or explore the opportunities put forth in these cases in a holistic way, students are introduced in a unique methodology by Verhaert, as well as provided with an impressive toolbox, including a tailor-made summer school canvas.

All the selected cases were provided by start-ups, spin-offs and idea owners known to the organizing committee. All cases have originated in the minds of people who are already expert in their field, but who didn’t always find time to properly develop this particular idea. The goal of the summer school is to push these cases further in the innovation route, hopefully with a positive feasibility to have success.

Industry as partner for businesses cases

We have a network of businesses supplying cases. It is our firm conviction that the base for this network can be extended towards larger companies, and players in the supply chain (TTOs, incubators, accelerators, technology platforms etc.). Alternatively, when sending students from industry, internal cases can be brought along. Confidentiality can be guaranteed if needed.