• Tom Eilers, "Poster presentation award", 10th Microbiome R&D & Business Collaboration Forum: Europe, 7th Probiotics & Prebiotics Congress: Europe and 4th Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: Europe (The Hague, Netherlands, 24-25/05/2022): "Characterization of the antimicrobial molecules of lactobacilli in vegetable-based food fermentations"
  • Marijn Timmer, ‘’Winner of the Battle of the Scientists 2022”, organised by The Floor is Yours (Ghent, Belgium, 22.03.2022) 


  • Irina Spacova, "International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) Early Career Researcher prize (Glenn Gibson Eary Career Researcher Prize)" (04/06/2021)
  • Sarah Ahannach, "Young scientist encouragement award", granted by bequest Rosa Blanckaert (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Isala, "Science communication award"
  • Sara Melis, Elise Daems, Simone Bassini & Karolien De Wael, "Medical Solutions Accelerator", Medical Solutions Accelerator 2021
  • Marc Parrilla, Robin Van Echelpoel, Noelia Felipe Montiel and Karolien De Wael, "Best poster",CSAC2021 conference: “Portable electrochemical detection of illicit drugs in smuggled samples: towards more secure borders” 


  • ​Janne Spanoghe, “Excellent oral presentation award’, IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference 2020 (virtual, 03.09.2020): “Photohydrogenotrophic cultivation of purple bacteria: Decoupling microbial protein production from arable land use” 
  • Ilke De Boeck, finalist of the Flemish PhD cup
  • Tom Eilers, "Poster award", National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (Gembloux, Belgium, 31/01/2020): "Unexpected cellulase activity in the understudied Lactobacillus mudanjiangensis and its industrial potential"


  • ​Michiel Van Tendeloo, “Ernest du Bois price: support for a promising PhD student on the theme of water and its availability on a global level”, awarded by the King Baudouin Foundation (Brussels, Belgium, 29.11.2019) 
  • Gustavo Gomes de Sousa, “Young scientist encouragement award”, granted by bequest Rosa Blanckaert (Antwerp, Belgium, 28.11.2019) 
  • Siegfried E. Vlaeminck, “Outstanding young investigator”, selected by the editors of Environmental Science & Technology (top 10% journal) (Washington DC, USA, 22.03.2019): “Live fast, die young: Optimizing retention times in high-rate contact stabilization for maximal recovery of organics from wastewater” 
  • Janne Spanoghe, “Excellent oral presentation award’, National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) 2019 (Gent, Belgium, 04.02.2019): “Exploring the feasibility of photohydrogenotrophically grown purple bacteria as novel microbial protein source” 
  • Maarten Muys, “Excellent poster award”, 9th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels & Bioproducts (Boulder, USA, 19.06.2019): “Operational parameters influence the nutritional quality of Chlorella and Spirulina biomass cultivated in raceway ponds” 
  • Sarah Lebeer,  "Academische Prijs Raad Dienstverlening 2019" van de UAntwerpen voor het burgerwetenschapsproject 'Ferme Pekes'. 
  • Roeland Samson, "Academische Prijs Raad Dienstverlening 2019" van de UAntwerpen voor het burgerwetenschapproject 'AirBezen', samen met Ivan Janssens (Knappe k(n)oppen) en Filip Meysman (Curieuzeneuzen)
  • Amelia Langley, "Shreir talk prize", Electrochem 2019 Corrosion Science Symposium 
  • Amelia Langley, "Talk prize", Emerging Analytical Professionals Conference 2019
  • Irina Spacova, "FWO travel grant for a long research stay abroad” (V426219N) at the group of Prof. Heather Jaspan in collaboration with Prof. Lakshmi Rajagopal and Prof. Jisun Paik (University of Washington and Seattle Children's Research Institute, USA) 


  • ​Lai Peng, “Research Award 2018”, awarded by the Belgian Committee of the International Water Association (Meise, Belgium, 24.05.2018): “Smart operation of nitritation/denitritation virtually abolishes nitrous oxide emission during treatment of co-digested pig slurry centrate” 
  • Yixing Sui, “Winner of The Battle of the Scientists”, The Floor is Yours, in partnership with VIB and imec (Gent, Belgium, 09.03.2018): “Microalgae, a future sustainable food source?” 
  • Abbas Alloul, “Excellent poster award”, IWA Nutrient Removal & Recovery Conference 2018 (Brisbane, Australia, 21.11.2018): “Resource recovery through anaerobic fermentation and production of purple bacteria: Optimizing protein productivity and assessing its application on sewage sludge” 
  • Dieter Vandenheuvel: "FY2018 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship" research grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to perform research at the Shinshu University in Nagano (Japan), in collaboration with Profession Takeshi Shimosato, on the mechanism behond probiotic glycosyl transferases
  • Sander Wuyts, "Winner Davos DNA-storage Bitcoin Challenge" issued by dr. Nick Goldman from the European Bio-informatics Institute
  • Rocio Canovas Martinez, "Doctoral Thesis Award "Juan Abello Pascual II" from the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain"


  • Sander Wuyts, “Excellent Poster Award”, MELiSSA Mini-Symposium & Master Class: Science and Technology for Bioregenerative Life Support (Antwerp, Belgium, 30.03.2017): “Valorisation of food waste by means of
  • artisan vegetable fermentation”
  • Wenke Smets, “Excellent Poster Award”, MELiSSA Mini-Symposium & Master Class: Science and Technology for Bioregenerative Life Support (Antwerp, Belgium, 30.03.2017): “Spacecraft air quality control using leaf bacteria”
  • Wenke Smets, Best presentation at PRESS>SPEAK science communication, (Antwerp, Belgium, 09.03.2017): “Wat kunnen bladbacteriën voor ons doen?”
  • Jolien Verhelst, “Outstanding Poster in Environment and Agriculture”, National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) 2017 (Leuven, Belgium, 07.02.2017): “Biomonitoring of Urban Air Quality: the Potential of Hyperspectral Measurements”
  • Abbas Alloul, "Young scientist encouragement award", granted by bequest Rosa Blanckaert (Antwerp, Belgium, 23/11/2017)
  • Myrsini Sakarika and Janne Spanoghe, "Excellent poster award", MELiSSA Mini-symposium and Masterclass (Antwerp, Belgium 30.03.2017): "Broadening the terrestrial application potential of MELiSSA phototrophs: feasibility as added-value organic fertilizer"



  • Sarah Lebeer, “Jaarprijs Wetenschapscommunicatie voor het citizen-science project Ferme Pekes. (KVAB, 21.10.2016).
  • Eline Oerlemans, “Poster prize”, Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease 2016 (Hinxton, United Kingdom, 09.09.2016): “The vaginal microbiome: can we distinguish bacterial vaginosis and aerobic vaginitis”.
  • Wenke Smets, “ISME Student Poster Award” & “MO BIO Student Poster Award”, 16th International (ISME 2016) (Montreal, Canada, 26.08.2016): “The effect of land use and air pollution on the bacterial phyllosphere of Ivy and London plane tree”.
  • Maarten Keulemans, “1st Poster Prize”, 17th Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC) (Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, 07-09.03.2016): “Plasmonic photocatalysis: A mechanistic enigma”.
  • Wenke Smets, “Oral presentation Award (Biotechnology and microbiology session)”, 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016): “Ecology of the urban phyllosphere”.
  • Maarten Keulemans, “1st Poster Prize”, 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016): “Plasmonic photocatalysis: It works! But how?”.
  • Jeroen Van Walsem, “1st Poster Prize”, 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016): “Selection of suitable photocatalytic substrates for indoor air abatement”.
  • Serena Moretti, “Oral presentation award (Genetics & Human Health session)”, 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016): “Re-evaluating urban endotoxins: abundance and inflammatory capacity in polluted air”
  • Ana Castanheiro, “Oral presentation award (Ecosystem monitoring and management session)”, 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016): “Magnetic analysis and scanning electron microscopy as an integrated approach to assess particulate matter deposition on urban green”


  • Sammy Verbruggen, “BiR&D Multidisciplinary PhD Thesis Award”, awarded by the Belgian Research & Development council (BiR&D) in the category Science and Technology.
  • Serena Moretti, “Rosa Blankaert award”, encouragement award for young researchers from the University of Antwerp (2015). Project: The importance of airborne bacterial endotoxins in an urban environment.
  • Marianne van den Broek, “1st Poster Prize”, 20st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 30.01.2015): “Novel antipathogenic activities of lactobacilli against nasopharyngeal pathogens”.


  • Marianne van den Broek, “1st Poster Prize”, 19st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS) (Gembloux, Belgium, 0702.2014): “Molecular understanding of factors important for probiotic lactobacilli outside the gut”.
  • Jelle Hofman “EOS pipet 2014”; audience award (Leuven, Belgium, 11.12.2014)


  •  Sammy Verbruggen, "1st Poster Prize", 3rd European Conference on Photocatalysis (Portoroz, Slovenia, 25-27.09.2013): "Plasmonic AuxAg(1-x)-TiO2 photocatalysts for environmental remediation under visible light".
  •  Serena Moretti, "Best Poster Award", Knowledge for Growth (Gent, 30.05.2013): "The secret lives of airborne microbes".
  •  Sammy Verbruggen, "Best Lecture by a PhD student", 14th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (Noordwijkerhout, Nederland, 11-13.03.2013): "The (non)sense of surface photovoltage spectroscopy in photocatalysis".
  •   Marianne Smits, "Bronzen medaille", Masterclass Science Communication (Antwerpen, 22.02.2013): "Titaniumdioxide, de nieuwe mister Proper".
  • Jelle Hofman Environmental Pollution “Editors' choice” paper for December 2013 (01.12.2013): Spatial distribution assessment of particulate matter in an urban street canyon using biomagnetic leaf monitoring of tree crown deposited particles



  •    Marianne Smits, "Best Oral in the field of Environmental Chemistry",  11th Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists (Blankenberge, 1-2.03.2012): "Exhaust composition of a small diesel engine".
  •       Sammy Verbruggen, "2e plaats Poster Award", 17th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Leuven, 10.02.2012): "Advanced TiO2-based porous photocatalysts for gas phase degradation reactions under UV/VIS illumination".
  •      Erik Van Eynde, "P&G Sustainability Award", 17th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Leuven, 10.02.2012): "An innovative manufacture route for silica-titania photocatalysts using diatoms".
  •       Birger Hauchecorne, "EPA Prize for a PhD thesis": "Onderzoek en ontwikkeling van een FTIR in-situ reactor voor fotokatalytische studies".


  •        Sammy Verbruggen, "2e plaats Poster Award", Summerschool on energy and materials from the sun (Kerkrade, Nederland, 23.06.2011): "Noble metal nano particle based plasmonics for further improvement of TiO2 photocatalysis”.
  •       Sammy Verbruggen, "Umicore Scientific Award for best Master thesis": "Synthese en activiteit van gemodificeerde transitiemetaaloxide fotokatalysatoren".


  •        Marianne Smits, "Best Poster Prize", 16th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Gent, 20.12.2010): "Integrated NOx and particulate matter photocatalytic removal process".
  •        Peter Jochems, "Breakthrough Innovation Award from P&G", 16th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Gent, 20.12.2010): "Immobilisation of enzymes on a membrane for process intensification".
  •        Fatemeh Kardel, Karen Wuyts, Manoochehr Babanezhad, U.W.A. Vitharan, Ali Reza Khavanin zadeh, Tatiana Wuytack, Roeland Samson, "Best Poster Prize", geoENV International Conference (Gent, 13-15.09.2010), "Spatial distribution of plant anatomical and morphological characteristics for biomonitoring of urban habitat quality".
  •        Shari Van Wittenberghe, "Beste presentatie", Belgian Earth Observation Day (Chaudfontaine, 06.05.2010): "


  •        Fatemeh Kardel, Roeland Samson, "Best Poster Prize", necov wintersumposium (Antwerpen, 07-08.02.2008): "Biomonitoring of urban habitat quality via stomatal characteristics of Plantago lanceolata".