Research ECHO

ECHO performs educational research to scientifically support its activities for instructional development. Two research branches can be discerned:

research onthe impact of our instructional development activities
research on the focus areas of instructional development within the context of higher education.

The research results are the groundwork for the improvement of the design and content of the ECHO activities.

Our research is presented on national (e.g. the yearly VFO study day) and international congresses (e.g. ORD, EARLI, ICED, and AERA). These congresses are an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with other researchers.

ECHO also publishes in various Dutch journals (e.g. Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, Onderzoek van Onderwijs, and Pedagogische Studiën), as well as international journals (e.g. International Journal for Academic Development, Educational Research Review, Higher Education, Learning Environments Research). These publications help to broaden the dissemination of our research results.