Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in private gardens : factors affecting accumulation in homegrown food and characterization of human exposure risk

Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Biologie, 2024,286 p.

Leakage of plastics and other debris from landfills to a highly protected lake by wintering gulls

Waste management - ISSN 0956-053X-177 (2024) p. 13-23
    Victor Martin-Velez, Julian Cano-Povedano, Belen Canuelo-Jurado, Cosme Lopez-Calderon, Vanessa Cespedes, Macarena Ros, Marta I. Sanchez, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Wendt Müller, Chris B. Thaxter, Cornelis J. Camphuysen, Andres Cozar, Andy J. Green