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Thiosulfonates as emerging reactants : synthesis and applications
Mampuys Pieter   McElroy C.R.   Clark J.H.   Orru R.V.A.   Maes Bert  
Advanced synthesis and catalysis - ISSN 1615-4150-362:1 (2020) p. 3-64
Why we might be misusing process mass intensity (PMI) and a methodology to apply it effectively as a discovery level metric
Monteith Edward R.   Mampuys Pieter   Summerton Louise   Clark James H.   Maes Bert   McElroy C. Robert  
Green chemistry : cutting-edge research for a greener sustainable future - ISSN 1463-9262-22:1 (2020) p. 123-135
Bronsted acid catalyzed tandem defunctionalization of biorenewable ferulic acid and derivates into bio-catechol
Bomon Jeroen   Van Den Broeck Elias   Bal Mathias   Liao Yuhe   Sergeyev Sergey   Van Speybroeck Veronique   Sels Bert F.   Maes Bert  
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English - ISSN 1433-7851-59:8 (2020) p. 3063-3068
Base metal catalyzed isocyanide insertions
Collet JurriĆ«n   Roose Thomas R.   Ruijter Eelco   Maes Bert   Orru Romano V. A.  
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English - ISSN 1433-7851-59:2 (2020) p. 540-558
Palladium-catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation of sec-benzylic ethers
Schneider Carolin   Jackstell Ralf   Maes Bert   Beller Matthias  
European journal of organic chemistry - ISSN 1434-193X-2020:8 (2020) p. 932-936

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