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Zn-catalyzed tert-butyl nicotinate-directed amide cleavage as a biomimic of metallo-exopeptidase activity
Wybon Clarence   Mensch Carl   Hollanders Karlijn   Gadais Charlène   Herrebout Wouter   Ballet Steven   Maes Bert  
ACS catalysis - ISSN 2155-5435-8:1 (2018) p. 203-218
Zinc(II)-catalyzed synthesis of propargylamines by coupling aldimines and ketimines with alkynes
Shehzadi Syeda Aaliya   Saeed Aamer   Lemière Filip   Maes Bert   Abbaspour Tehrani Kourosch  
European journal of organic chemistry - ISSN 1434-193X-1 (2018) p. 78-88
An evaluation of credentials of a multicomponent reaction for the synthesis of isothioureas through the use of the holistic CHEM21 green metrics toolkit
Abou-Shehada S.   Mampuys Pieter   Maes Bert   Clark J.H.   Summerton L.  
Green chemistry : cutting-edge research for a greener sustainable future - ISSN 1463-9262-19:1 (2017) p. 249-258
Cooperative electrocatalytic and chemoselective alcohol oxidation by Shvo's catalyst
Lybaert Jeroen   Trashin Stanislav   Maes Bert   De Wael Karolien   Abbaspour Tehrani Kourosch  
Advanced synthesis and catalysis - ISSN 1615-4150-359:6 (2017) p. 919-925
Concise xanthine synthesis through a double-amidination reaction of a 6-chlorouracil with amidines using base-metal catalysis
Morel Bénédicte   Franck Philippe   Bidange Johan   Sergeyev Sergey   Smith Dan A.   Moseley Jonathan D.   Maes Bert  
ChemSusChem - ISSN 1864-564X-10:3 (2017) p. 624-628

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