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Docent Betontechnologie en Betonstructuren

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Docent Betontechnologie en Betonstructuren

Bart Craeye received the degree of civil engineering in construction from Ghent University (UGent) in 2006 with a Master thesis concerning the effect of super absorbing polymers for mitigating autogenous shrinkage of High Strength Concrete. In 2010 he received his PhD at Ghent University. The focus of his doctoral research is on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of self-compacting concrete supercontainers for radwaste disposal, and was in close cooperation with ONDRAF/NIRAS, SCK.CEN and Tractebel Engineering. The cracking behaviour of these concrete containers was validated by means of extensive destructive and non-destructive techniques (e.g. thermocouples, strain gauges, acoustic emission, fibre optics,…). His main area of interest and expertise lies in (i) concrete technology and design for durability, (ii) building pathology and deteriorating mechanisms, (iii) damage diagnostics, monitoring, safety evaluation and remaining service life prediction of existing concrete structures and (iv) the use of non-destructive techniques (NDT’s) for the evaluation of building components. He is assistant professor at University of Antwerp (EMIB Research group), host professor at Ghent University (Labo Magnel for Concrete Research) and lecturer at Odisee University College (DuBiT Research Unit).

In the past five years he actively participated in different research projects:

  • 2nd Half-Scale Test, in cooperation with ONDRAF/NIRAS and SCK.CEN (2013-2014): validation of THM simulations of the concrete supercontainer by means of non-destructive testing and finite elements simulations;
  • DurOBet, VLAIO TETRA (2015-2017): durable design of concrete structures: chloride ingress and carbonation related;
  • KMO Reno, VLAIO TETRA (2016-2018): development of a renovation protocol and condition evaluation of existing SME buildings;
  • RehApp, PWO (2015-2018): condition assessment of existing residential buildings by means of screening protocol;
  • VASH, VLAIO MIP-COOP+ (2016-2019): classification of fly ash in valuable resource flows by means of EMC.
  • Balcon-e, PWO (2019-2021): diagnosis, assessment and durable repair of cantilevered concrete balconies.
  • Furthermore, he’s promotor of a PhD research on multi-scale approach modelling of early-age thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of non-reinforced concrete, in collaboration with SCK.CEN (2017-2021).


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