Bert Leuridan


Publicaties in de kijker

Modelling mechanisms with causal cycles
Clarke Brendan   Leuridan Bert   Williamson Jon  
Synthese : an international journal for epistemology, methodology and philosophy of science - ISSN 0039-7857-191:8 (2014) p. 1651-1681
The structure of scientific theories, explanation, and unification : a causal-structural account
Leuridan Bert  
The British journal for the philosophy of science - ISSN 0007-0882-65:4 (2014) p. 717-771
Three problems for the mutual manipulability account of constitutive relevance in mechanisms
Leuridan Bert  
The British journal for the philosophy of science - ISSN 0007-0882-63:2 (2012) p. 399-427
On lawfulness in history and historiography
Leuridan Bert   Froeyman Anton  
History and theory: studies in the philosophy of history - ISSN 0018-2656-51:2 (2012) p. 172-192
The IARC and mechanistic evidence
Leuridan Bert   Weber Erik  
Causality in the sciences / McKay, Illari [edit.]; e.a.-p. 91-109
Can mechanisms really replace laws of nature?
Leuridan Bert  
Philosophy of science : journal of the Philosophy of Science Association - ISSN 0031-8248-77:3 (2010) p. 317-340
Causal discovery and the problem of ignorance : an adaptive logic approach
Leuridan Bert  
Journal of applied logic - ISSN 1570-8683-7:2 (2009) p. 188-205
The practical value of spurious correlations : selective versus manipulative policy
Leuridan Bert   Weber Erik   Van Dyck Maarten  
Analysis - ISSN 0003-2638-68:4 (2008) p. 298-303

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