Christian Johannessen


Publicaties in de kijker

The influence of the amino acid side chains on the Raman Optical Activity spectra of proteins
Mensch Carl   Johannessen Christian  
ChemPhysChem: a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry - ISSN 1439-4235-20:1 (2019) p. 42-54
On/off resonance Raman optical activity of human serum transferrin
Bogaerts Jonathan   Johannessen Christian  
Journal of Raman spectroscopy - ISSN 0377-0486-50:5 (2019) p. 641-646
Comparative study of the vibrational optical activity techniques in structure elucidation : the case of galantamine
de Gussem Ewoud   Abbaspour Tehrani Kourosch   Herrebout Wouter   Bultinck Patrick   Johannessen Christian  
ACS Omega - ISSN 2470-1343-4:9 (2019) p. 14133-14139
Resonance Raman optical activity of the imidazole-Myoglobin complex : titrating enhancement
Sgammato Roberta   Herrebout Wouter   Johannessen Christian  
Journal of Raman spectroscopy - ISSN 0377-0486-50:12 (2019) p. 1905-1913
Vibrational circular dichroism sheds new light on the competitive effects of crowding and $\beta$-synuclein on the fibrillation process of $\alpha$-synuclein
Van de Vondel Evelien   Baatsen Pieter   van Elzen Roos   Lambeir Anne-Marie   Keiderling Timothy A.   Herrebout Wouter   Johannessen Christian  
Biochemistry - ISSN 0006-2960-57:41 (2018) p. 5989-5995

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