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Dries Knapen


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Zelfstandig academisch pers.
  • docent

Publicaties in de kijker

Hagenaars An, Stinckens Evelyn, Vergauwen Lucia, Bervoets Lieven, Knapen Dries. PFOS affects posterior swim bladder chamber inflation and swimming performance of zebrafish larvae
Aquatic toxicology-issn 0166-445X-157(2014),p. 225-235
Bagci Enise, Heijlen Marjolein, Vergauwen Lucia, Hagenaars An, Houbrechts Anne M., Esguerra Camila V., Blust Ronny, Darras Veerle M., Knapen Dries. Deiodinase knockdown during early zebrafish development affects growth, development, energy metabolism, motility and phototransduction
PLoS ONE-issn 1932-6203-10(2015),
Vergauwen Lucia, Schmidt Stine N., Stinckens Evelyn, Maho Walid, Blust Ronny, Mayer Philip, Covaci Adrian, Knapen Dries. A high throughput passive dosing format for the Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity test
Chemosphere-issn 0045-6535-139(2015),p. 9-17
Hagenaars An, Vergauwen Lucia, de Coen Wim, Knapen Dries. Structure-activity relationship assessment of four perfluorinated chemicals using a prolonged zebrafish early life stage test
Chemosphere-issn 0045-6535-82(2011),p. 764-772
Knapen Dries, Vergauwen Lucia, Villeneuve Daniel L., Ankley Gerald T.. The potential of AOP networks for reproductive and developmental toxicity assay development
Reproductive toxicology-issn 0890-6238-56(2015),p. 52-55


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