Gunter Flipkens

Gunter Flipkens


Campus Groenenborger
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerpen, BEL

I started as a PhD student at the SPHERE group in September 2019.

To keep global warming below 2°C during the 21st century, carbon dioxide (CO2) emmisions will need to be drastically reduced during the coming decades. In addition, CO2 will need to be actively captured from the atmosphere to achieve a net-zero CO2 emission economy. A proposed technique to capture atmospheric CO2 is "enhanced silicate weathering (ESW) in the coastal zone". 

My PhD is part of a project investigating the potential of ESW in the coastal zone using the silicate mineral "olivine". The two main objectives of my PhD are to (1) quantify the stimulating effects of waves and currents on olivine weathering and (2) investigate potential toxicological effects from trace metal release (mainly nickel and chromium) during olivine dissolution on marine biota (algae, invertebrates and fish).


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