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2014 - : Researcher GIStorical Antwerp-project

GIStorical Antwerp is a project of the Centre for Urban History of the University of Antwerp in close cooperation with the Antwerp City Archives. The project, funded by the Hercules-Foundation and the University of Antwerp, started in September 2012. GIStorical Antwerp uses the potential of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to integrate all kind of historical data (maps, census data, iconography, address books etc. ) at the level of individual houses and households in the city of Antwerp. Check out our GIStorical Antwerp-website for latest updates, news and activities.

2009 - 2014: PhD research  

Drowned but not deserted. Interactions between social and ecological processes of estuarine landscapes after flooding.  Test-case: the Waasland polders on the west-bank of the river Scheldt (16th-19th centuries).

Supervisor: Tim Soens (University of Antwerp, Dept. History), 

Co-supervisor: Stijn Temmerman (University of Antwerp, Dept. Biology)

Abstract: Estuarine landscapes are very dynamic ecosystems which makes it very difficult to model social and ecological adaptations after catastrophic inundations. In this research project the evolution of tidal channels after historical inundations and the human re-occupation of flooded areas in the late medieval and early modern Western Scheldt estuary are used to enhance our knowledge of the long-term interactions between ecological and social processes.

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