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Effects of spin-orbit coupling on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and the vortex-antivortex structure in two-dimensional Fermi gases
Devreese Jeroen   Tempere Jacques   Sá de Melo Carlos A.R.  
Physical review letters - ISSN 0031-9007-113:16 (2014)
Path integral description of Cooper pairing
Tempere Jacques   Devreese Jeroen  
Superconductors : materials, properties and applications / Gabovich, Alexander [edit.]-
Path integral approach to the pricing of timer options with the Duru-Kleinert time transformation
Liang Lingzhi   Lemmens Damiaan   Tempere Jacques  
Physical review : E : statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics - ISSN 1063-651X-83:5 (2011) p. 056112,1-056112,12
Multielectron bubbles in helium as a paradigm for studying electrons on surfaces with curvature
Tempere Jacques   Silvera I.F.   Devreese Jozef  
Surface science reports - ISSN 0167-5729-62:5 (2007) p. 159-217
Optical absorption of an interacting many-polaron gas
Tempere Jacques   Devreese Jozef  
Physical review : B : condensed matter and materials physics - ISSN 1098-0121-64 (2001) p. 104504

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