Estuariene en kustprocessen; biogeomorfologie van wetlands aan de kust; fysieke oceanografie

Abiotische en biotische sedimentdynamiek langs estuariene-mariene gradiënten in tijden van global change 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2031


Within the framework of the FED-tWIN program for sustainable research cooperation between the federal scientific institutes and the universities, supported by the Belgian Institute for Science Policy (BELSPO), the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Operational Directorate Natural Environment) and the University of Antwerp (Department of Biology, ecosystem management research group) wish to develop new research for the interactions of estuarine and marine ecosystems. The project AbioGrad focuses on the interaction and feedback between biological, biogeochemical and sedimentological processes using in situ data and numerical modelling, more specifically on the behaviour of suspended particulate matter (SPM) and associated organic matter and biota.



Project type(s)

  • Onderzoeksproject