Jo Verhoeven


Publicaties in de kijker

Can listeners hear the difference between children with normal hearing and children with a hearing impairment?
Boonen Nathalie   Kloots Hanne   Verhoeven Jo   Gillis Steven  
Clinical linguistics and phonetics - ISSN 0269-9206-33:4 (2019) p. 316-333
Neurological aspects of foreign accent syndrome in stroke patients
Mariën Peter   Keulen Stefanie   Verhoeven Jo  
Journal of communication disorders - ISSN 0021-9924-77 (2019) p. 94-113
Visualisation and analysis of speech production with electropalatography
Verhoeven Jo   Miller Naomi Rachel   Daems Luc   Reyes-Aldasoro Constantino Carlos  
Journal of Imaging - ISSN 2313-433X-5:3 (2019)
Listeners' perception of lexical stress in the first words of infants with cochlear implants and normally hearing infants
De Clerck Ilke   Verhoeven Jo   Gillis San   Pettinato Michèle   Gillis Steven  
Journal of communication disorders - ISSN 0021-9924-80 (2019) p. 52-65
Asymmetries in tongue-palate contact during speech
Miller Naomi Rachel   Reyes-Aldasoro Constantino Carlos   Verhoeven Jo  
Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 4-10 August 2019, Melbourne, Australia / Calhoun, S. [edit.]; Escudero, P. [edit.]; Tabain, M. [edit.]; Warren, P. [edit.]-p. 1734-1738

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