Johan Springael


Publicaties in de kijker

The interaction effect between vibrations and temperature simulating truck transport on the flavor stability of beer
Paternoster Alexander   Jaskula-Goiris Barbara   De Causmaecker Brecht   Vanlanduit Steve   Springael Johan   Braet Johan   De Rouck Gert   De Cooman Luc  
Journal of the science of food and agriculture - ISSN 0022-5142-99:5 (2019) p. 2165-2174
A matheuristic approach for the design of multiproduct batch plants with parallel production lines
Verbiest Floor   Cornelissens Trijntje   Springael Johan  
European journal of operational research - ISSN 0377-2217-273:3 (2019) p. 933-947
Sustainability indicators for biobased chemicals : a Delphi study using multi-criteria decision analysis
Van Schoubroeck Sophie   Springael Johan   Van Dael Miet   Malina Robert   Van Passel Steven  
Resources, conservation and recycling - ISSN 0921-3449-144 (2019) p. 198-208
A model to simulate the overall ageing score impact of temperature and time on the sensorial quality of lager
Paternoster Alexander   Jaskula-Goiris Barbara   Perkisas Tyché   Springael Johan   De Rouck Gert   De Cooman Luc   Braet Johan  
Journal of the Institute of Brewing - ISSN 2050-0416-125:3 (2019) p. 364-373
Win-win possibilities through capacity tariffs and battery storage in microgrids
Milis Kevin   Peremans Herbert   Springael Johan   Van Passel Steven  
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews - ISSN 1364-0321-113 (2019)

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