Joris Dirckx

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Active thermography setup updating for NDE : a comparative study of regression techniques and optimisation routines with high contrast parameter influences for thermal problems
Peeters Jeroen   Louarroudi Ebrahim   Bogaerts Boris   Sels Seppe   Dirckx Joris   Steenackers Gunther  
Optimization and engineering - ISSN 1389-4420-19:1 (2018) p. 163-185
Optimised dynamic line scan thermographic detection of CFRP inserts using FE updating and POD analysis
Peeters Jeroen   Ibarra-Castanedo C.   Khodayar F.   Mokhtari Y.   Sfarra S.   Zhang H.   Maldague X.   Dirckx Joris   Steenackers Gunther  
NDT and E international: the independant non-destructive testing and evaluation - ISSN 0963-8695-93 (2018) p. 141-149
Minimally invasive laser vibrometry (MIVIB) with a floating mass transducer : a new method for objective evaluation of the middle ear demonstrated on stapes fixation
Wales Jeremy   Gladiné Kilian   Van de Heyning Paul   Topsakal Vedat   von Unge Magnus   Dirckx Joris  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-357 (2018) p. 46-53
Quasi-static and dynamic motions of the columellar footplate in ostrich (Struthio camelus) measured ex vivo
Muyshondt Pieter   Claes Raf   Aerts Peter   Dirckx Joris  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-357 (2018) p. 10-24
Average middle ear frequency response curves with preservation of curve morphology characteristics
Gladiné Kilian   Dirckx Joris  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-363 (2018) p. 39-48

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