Publicaties in de kijker

Evaluation of vilazodone for the treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders
Stuivenga Mirella   Giltay Erik   Cools Olivia   Roosens Laurence   Neels Hugo   Sabbe Bernard  
Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy - ISSN 1465-6566-20:3 (2019) p. 251-260
Therapeutic drug monitoring of second-generation antipsychotics for the estimation of early drug effect in first-episode psychosis
Roosens Laurence   Neels Hugo   Sabbe Bernard  
Therapeutic drug monitoring - ISSN 0163-4356-41:2 (2019) p. 252-253
Analytical and clinical performance of three hand-held point-of-care creatinine analyzers for renal function measurements prior to contrast-enhanced imaging
van der Heijden Catharina   Roosens Laurence   Cluckers Hugo   Van Craenenbroeck Amaryllis   Peeters Bart  
Clinica chimica acta - ISSN 0009-8981-497 (2019) p. 13-19
Pharmacotherapy and nutritional supplements for seasonal affective disorders: a systematic review
Cools Olivia   Hebbrecht Kaat   Coppens Violette   Roosens Laurence   De Witte Andy   Morrens Manuel   Neels Hugo   Sabbe Bernard  
Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy - ISSN 1465-6566-19:11 (2018) p. 1221-1233
Can calculated total nitrogen replace Kjeldahl total nitrogen measurements in 24-h urine samples?
Peeters Bart   Dirinck Eveline   Van Gaal Luc   Roosens Laurence  
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine - ISSN 1434-6621-56:11 (2018) p. E255-E257

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