Lukasz Pazdur is doctor assistant (PostDoc) at the Faculty of Applied Enginering, and researcher at the group Intelligence in Processes, Advanced Catalysts and Solvents (iPRACS). He studied biotechnology (engineer) and chemistry (master engineer) at Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. From 09/2011 to 07/2012 he completed the scientific internship (research work in oleochemistry) at Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp. Between 2013 - 2018 he was a PhD candidate at University of Antwerp and he graduated his doctoral work in March 2018 at the Faculty of Applied Engineering with the thesis: “Functionalization of long chain olefins and fatty acid derivatives via boron intermediates”.

The research interest is focused on oleochemistry. More specifically on chemical and biochemical modification of natural raw products (mostly oils and fats). During doctoral work he built the expertise in the valorization of unsaturated fatty acids and their derivatives (isomerization of double bond by means of boron chemistry, chemical functionalization of fatty acids derivatives, synthesis of long chain bifunctional compounds as a perfect starting material for bioplastics production). The obtained results led to the patent application.

His current interest is focused on heterogeneous catalysis in oleochemistrysynthesis and properties of novel monomers for biopolymers production and on chemical recycling of plastics. Moreover, since a few years he cooperates with researchers at University of Technology and Humanities in Radom (Poland) on the project related to the synthesis of new emulsifiers and stabilizers used in cosmetics (2 common publications, 1 joint PhD student)


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