Nina Lamal

Nina Lamal


Sint-Jacobsmarkt 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

My work focusses on the role of different media during the early modern period. I am particularly interested in the movement of information across political and geographical borders. Rather than focusing on one particular region, my work focusses on the connections and exchanges between different regions in Europe.

Current projects

- 'Old vs. new media: handwritten newsletters in the first age of the printed newspaper', funded by FWO (Research Council Flanders)

This project investigates the co-existence of old and new media in the pre-modern age. It seeks to answer how and why handwritten newsletters continued to exist alongside printed newspapers in the seventeenth century.

- Italian newspaper bibliography

I am in process of finishing the compilation of the first bibliography of all seventeenth-century Italian newspapers which is entitled: Late with the news. Italian Serial News Publications in the Seventeenth Century (1639-1700) and will be published by Brill.

For a recent overview of my work see: Papers of the British School at Rome, Volume 86 (2018), pp. 352-353.


My PhD thesis studies the Italian attention for the Dutch Revolt by examining the Italian news reports, political debates and histories on this conflict. It will be published by Brill as News from Antwerp. Italian communication on the Dutch Revolt.

I have already published articles on the Italian interest in the Dutch Revolt as well as the circulation and translation of books between Italy and the Low Countries.

International collaborations

- Guest Researcher Shakespeare's World ( for Newdigate Newsletters, see:


- 2018: Rome Award, British School at Rome
- 2017: Major Grant from The Bibliographical Society (UK)


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