Seppe Sels


Publicaties in de kijker

Camera calibration using gray code
Sels Seppe   Ribbens Bart   Vanlanduit Steve   Penne Rudi  
Sensors - ISSN 1424-8220-19:2 (2019)
Interactive camera network design using a virtual reality interface
Bogaerts Boris   Sels Seppe   Vanlanduit Steve   Penne Rudi  
Sensors - ISSN 1424-8220-19:5 (2019)
Three-dimensional full-field vibration measurements using a handheld single-point laser Doppler vibrometer
Sels Seppe   Vanlanduit Steve   Bogaerts Boris   Penne Rudi  
Mechanical systems and signal processing - ISSN 0888-3270-126 (2019) p. 427-438
Optimized dynamic line scanning thermography for aircraft structures
Peeters Jeroen   Verspeek Simon   Sels Seppe   Bogaerts Boris   Steenackers Gunther  
Quantitative infra red thermography journal - ISSN 1768-6733-
A CAD matching method for 3D thermography of complex objects
Sels Seppe   Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart   Bogaerts Boris   Vanlanduit Steve   Penne Rudi   Steenackers Gunther  
Infrared physics and technology - ISSN 1350-4495-99 (2019) p. 152-157

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