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Stijn Oosterlynck is Associate Professor in Urban Sociology at the University of Antwerp, Sociology department. He teaches courses on urban studies, poverty and social inequality. His research is concerned with local social innovation and welfare state restructuring, the political sociology of urban development, urban renewal and community building and new forms of solidarity in diversity. He currently coordinates a large-scale research project on solidarity in diversity (DieGem, IWT-SBO), is involved in several European collaborative research projects (ImPRovE, EU FP7 and Divercities, EU FP7) and is a partner in the Flemish Policy Research Centers on Spatial Planning (DURV, Flemish government) and on Poverty (VLAS, Flemish government). He supervises PhD research projects on local social innovation and poverty eradication, migrant self organisations and poverty, urban governance and dynamics of in/exclusion, urban migration integration policies, migration and spatial planning, spatial planning, new forms of solidarity in diversity, social urban renewal and collective housing. 

Before his current post at the University of Antwerp, he was post-doctoral fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders at K.U.Leuven, where he was a member of the research units Planning and Development (Department of Architecture, Urban Design and Spatial Planning, ASRO) and Social and Economic Geography (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences). Before this he was coordinator of the Spatial Planning team of the Flemish Policy Research Centre Spatial Planning and Housing. He also worked as a post-doctoral research associate at the School of Geography at Oxford University for the European Framework 6 programme Demologos. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Lancaster University in the UK. He graduated as a sociologist at Ghent University in Belgium and obtained a MA degree in Economy and Society from Lancaster University.

Stijn Oosterlynck strongly believes that academic research should contribute to society and values interaction with civil society and policy makers. He is a regular speaker at workshops, debates and conferences organized by social organisations and public institutions for a broad, non-academic audience (for an example, see this short lecture on social mix for the Brussels based organisation Café Kanal He is also a member of the board of Samenlevingsopbouw Provincie Antwerpen and the General Council of vzw Pluralistisch Overleg Welzijnswerk. 



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