Publicaties in de kijker

The flat locus of Brauer-Severi fibrations of smooth orders
Bocklandt Raf   Symens Stijn   van de Weyer Geert  
Journal of algebra - ISSN 0021-8693-297:1 (2006) p. 101-124
The local structure of graded representations
Bocklandt Raf   Symens Stijn  
Communications in algebra - ISSN 0092-7872-34:12 (2006) p. 4401-4426
The pricing of exotic options by Monte-Carlo simulations in a Lévy market with stochastic volatility
Schoutens Wim   Symens Stijn  
International journal of theoretical and applied finance - ISSN 0219-0249-6:8 (2003) p. 839-864
Isolated singularities, smooth orders, and Auslander regularity
Bocklandt Raf   Le Bruyn Lieven   Symens Stijn  
Communications in algebra - ISSN 0092-7872-31:12 (2003) p. 6019-6036

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