Thierry Backeljau


Publicaties in de kijker

Checklist of the fresh and brackish water snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of Benin and adjacent West African ecoregions
Koudenoukpo Zinsou Cosme   Odountan Olaniran Hamed   Van Bocxlaer Bert   Sablon Rose   Chikou Antoine   Backeljau Thierry  
ZooKeys - ISSN 1313-2989-942 (2020) p. 21-64
Understanding taxonomic and nomenclatural instability : a case study of the Manila clam
Beninger Peter G.   Backeljau Thierry  
Aquaculture - ISSN 0044-8486-504 (2019) p. 375-379
Shells from aquaculture : a valuable biomaterial, not a nuisance waste product
Morris James P.   Backeljau Thierry   Chapelle Gauthier  
Reviews in Aquaculture - ISSN 1753-5123-11:1 (2019) p. 42-57
Highly polymorphic mitochondrial DNA and deceiving haplotypic differentiation : implications for assessing population genetic differentiation and connectivity
Fourdrilis S.   Backeljau Thierry  
BMC evolutionary biology - ISSN 1471-2148-19 (2019)
Re-description of the type species of the genera Ganesella Blanford, 1863 and Globotrochus Haas, 1935; with description of a new Ganesella species from Thailand (Eupulmonata, Camaenidae)
Sutcharit Chirasak   Backeljau Thierry   Panha Somsak  
ZooKeys - ISSN 1313-2989-870 (2019) p. 51-76

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