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Electrochemical reduction of halogenated aromatic compounds at metal cathodes in acetonitrile
Neukermans Sander   Vorobjov Filip   Kenis Thomas   De Wolf R.   Hereijgers Jonas   Breugelmans Tom  
Electrochimica acta - ISSN 0013-4686-332 (2020)
Bifunctional nickel-nitrogen-doped-carbon-supported copper electrocatalyst for $CO_{2}$ reduction
Choukroun Daniel   Daems Nick   Kenis Thomas   Van Everbroeck Tim   Hereijgers Jonas   Altantzis Thomas   Bals Sara   Cool Pegie   Breugelmans Tom  
The journal of physical chemistry: C : nanomaterials and interfaces - ISSN 1932-7447-124:2 (2020) p. 1369-1381
Electrochemical oxidation of D-glucose in alkaline medium : impact of oxidation potential and chemical side-reactions on the selectivity to D-gluconic and D-glucaric acid
Moggia Giulia   Kenis Thomas   Daems Nick   Breugelmans Tom  
ChemElectroChem - ISSN 2196-0216-

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