Plenary sessions during I-week@FBE on Tuesday

First of all thank you for your interest in our I-week on Sustainability. We have a week full of interesting sessions prepared for our students, but invite everyone who is interested to join us.- Plenary sessions: You can join our plenary sessions on campus (city campus, room S.C.204), or online via this BB-collab-link​- Interdisciplinary day: You are all welcome to join in K.001 on March 22 from 9 till 12. More information and registrations: Interdisciplinary Project Day ( Workshops: Workshops have limited capacity. If you however have a very strong interest in a specific workshop, you can e-mail us at to see if it is possible to join.

interesting parallel sessions:

9.00-10.00: Kavita Miadaira Hamza (Associate professor university of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Responsible Innovation in B2C companies. While the literature on innovation offers a rich portrait of how incumbent firms respond to technological change, less is known about how firms deal with responsible transformation. Responsible transformation corresponds to the process of changing firms’ capabilities in order to perform more systematically responsible innovations. By responsible innovations, we mean innovations that address important societal and environmental problems related to health, education, mobility, climate change, among others. In this session, we will analyse how B2C companies from different countries are changing their way of developing new products, and how it affects the different departments and the corporate culture. Different configurations are being tested by different companies, in order to perform responsible transformations and consequently responsible innovations, which were classified as "seeding", "incubation", "reconfiguration" and "incorporation".

9.00-10.00: Pri Notowidigdo (C-Suite Headhunter & Executive Coach & Board member, Indonesia): Pri will share his experience on discussing “achieving sustainability through global collaboration” [as his examples at some corporates where he served as a board member or advisor, and emphasize the cross-cultural and human aspects of collaborating to achieve “common sustainability demands or goals” – such as addressing loss of bio-diversity for instance]….

10.15-11.15: Orsolya Diofasi (Assistant Professor Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary): Green supply chain management.

The objective of this plenary is to give an overview of sustainability solutions in supply networks through the Green Supply Chain Management framework. Each element of the framework will be introduced along with environmental management solutions that support circularity and carbon neutrality efforts.

10.15-11.15: Antoine Lebrun (CEO of WWF-Belgium, Belgium): Protecting the planet, the hobby of a few enlightened ecologists? Humans have evolved from Hunter-Gatherers to a Global Geophysical Force. The history of our relation with Nature suggests that a massive change of scale and the progressive disconnection with nature are the two main factors explaining the problem we face now. We’ll go through a set of questions: What is the State of our Planet today? What is the Anthropocene? Are we in the midst of a sixth mass extinction? And we’ll see how we, Humans, remain completely dependent on Nature for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat; and how an alliance with nature would be much wiser than to continue depleting our natural resources.