Plenary sessions on Thursday

First of all thank you for your interest in our I-week on Sustainability. We have a week full of interesting sessions prepared for our students, but invite everyone who is interested to join us.
- Plenary sessions: You can join our plenary sessions on campus (city campus, room S.C.204), or online via this BBcollab-link
- Interdisciplinary day: You are all welcome to join in K.001 on March 22 from 9 till 12. More information and registrations: Interdisciplinary Project Day (
- Workshops: Workshops have limited capacity. If you however have a very strong interest in a specific workshop, you can e-mail us at to see if it is possible to join.

Thursday 23 March

9.00-10.00Philippe Weiler (CEO Fairtrade Belgium, Belgium): Carbon neutral bananas, child labour free chocolate, deforestation free coffee … all worthless initiatives. Unless the root cause is tackled as well: the right price for the producer. But how do you do that? What is the role of a retailer, like Lidl? And what is the responsibility of the consumer? What do YOU do, if you have the choice between a ‘non-labelled’ banana and a fair banana? Discover the answers in Philippe Weiler’s speech / presentation.

10.15-11.15Wilfried Remans (Head Sustainability Network, BNP Paribas, Belgium): While not beyond criticism, the financial sector plays a key role in accelerating sustainability. Get a taste on how regulators, supervisors, capital markets and civil society are all pushing banks to take more responsibility. At the same time, banks are rediscovering their purpose as an actor in society, accompanying their customers in the sustainability revolution. A testimonial on challenges and opportunities from the inside of BNP Paribas.

Full programme on the webpage of FBE.