Plenary sessions I-week on sustainability on Friday: CEO debate and FBE Green Impact Awards

First of all thank you for your interest in our I-week on Sustainability. We have a week full of interesting sessions prepared for our students, but invite everyone who is interested to join us.
- Plenary sessions: You can join our plenary sessions on campus (city campus, room S.C.204), or online via this BB collab-link.
- Interdisciplinary day: You are all welcome to join in K.001 on March 22 from 9 till 12. More information and registrations: Interdisciplinary Project Day (
- Workshops: Workshops have limited capacity. If you however have a very strong interest in a specific workshop, you can e-mail us at to see if it is possible to join.


13.00-15.00 CEO debate

Shawn Theunissen – CEO Property Point and SR Executive at Growthpoint Properties, South Africa 

Natalia Soebagjo – Fmr Chair Transparency International, Board TI in Berlin, Board Member IKEA-Hero and AIG, Indonesia 

Gilke Eeckhoudt – Chief Development and Sustainability Officer Ageas, Belgium 

Moderator: Luc Van Liedekerke – UAntwerp, Belgium 

We end the I-week with a debate in which we invite 4 CEO’s from very different companies to answer your questions. All students have the opportunity to submit questions during the week. These questions are transferred to the CEO’s the day before the final debate to allow them some time to reflect over your challenges. Active involvement and a critical mind-set are welcome in this closing debate. 

Find out more about their companies:

15.00-15.15: Awards Green Impact + closing wrap-up

Peter Verhezen Professor UAntwerp, Belgium

In this session, we announce the winners of the green impact challenges. We also close with a wrap-up of the I-week. What did we learn this week? What were the major ideas that the speakers were trying to communicate? What is the relevance of this I-Week on Sustainability for you as students?