Over the last few decades, the University of Antwerp has acquired a unique collection of visual art of Belgian and international origin and allure.

These works of art are assigned specific, carefully selected and thought-through locations in and around the buildings on the various university campuses. In this way, students, professors, researchers and supporting staff are connected to elements of the collection in their day-to-day work environments.

Our percentage rule for art integration is also applied consistently to newly constructed buildings. Recently, we installed a scaled retrospective of Belgian art since 1950, spanning over one hundred museum ‘rooms’ built to scale 1/7.

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Art on Campus Build and connect (2018)

The University of Antwerp's third art book, Art on Campus: Build and connect, deals both thematically and visually with the many interactions between architecture, visual art, building users and passers-by.

Sophisticated and subtle photography accentuates the many possible connections that come about, live and evolve. The breadth and depth of Art on Campus is revealed in about forty spatial situations.

Build and connect
Available in Dutch and English 
Retail prize: € 25 + € 6,95 shipping costs

Kunst op de campus Art on Campus (2013)

For its tenth anniversary in 2013, the University of Antwerp shone the spotlight on its extensive collection of contemporary art in its art book Art on Campus.

The book gives an insight into the fascinating collection of artworks we have in our possession. Big names are interspersed with those of young, promising artists.

Each of the artworks is described briefly. The accompanying photos give a the reader a more visual impression of the works and the atmosphere of the space in which they are presented. 

Build and Connect
Available in Dutch
Retail prize: € 25 + € 6,95 shipping costs