Governing bodies

Faculty policy

The Faculty Board
The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body in the Faculty of Law, setting out the faculty's policy on education, research and services. The Board coordinates the faculty's activities, as enshrined in the Faculty of Law's Organisational Regulations, and is made up of representatives from the Tenured Academic Personnel, Assistant and Non-Statutory Academic Personnel, Administrative and Technical Personnel and students.
The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for the faculty's day-to-day and academic management. Its duties include making decisions about the agenda for the Faculty Board, the Extended Executive Committee and the Educational and Research Commissions, handling vacancies and dealing with urgent matters for submission to the next Faculty Board meeting. The Executive Committee is made up of the dean (chair), the vice-dean, the academic secretary and the faculty director.
The Extended Executive Committee
The Extended Executive Committee is responsible for making decisions about degree accreditation, individualised study programmes, exemptions and transfer of study credits, study progress control measures and the admission of students who have not earned enough study credits.