Executive bodies

The faculty's day-to-day activities

Dean's office

The dean's office is responsible for preparing policy and for implementing the decisions made by the university's board of directors and the Faculty Board. It is also responsible for overseeing the faculty's day-to-day activities.
Contact: Filip Seuntjens, Faculty Director and Sofie Witters, Staff Officer Dean's Office

Educational secretariat

The Educational secretariat is the first point of contact for all general and practical questions about studying Law.
Contact: Educational secretariat

Research Office

The Research Office contributes to the faculty's research policy and supports individual researchers by providing them with information, encouragement and guidance throughout their research.
Contact: Peter De Cauwer, Research support staff and Evelien Vandenhaute, Research support staff -

Internationalisation Unit

The Internationalisation Unit stimulates, coordinates and provides support for the internationalisation of both education and research in the faculty by organising exchange programmes for students, lecturers and researchers.
Contact: Mieke Briels, Internationalisation support staff

Unit for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education (CIKO)

The Unit for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education (CIKO) is responsible for improving and guaranteeing the quality of our programmes, and also for supporting, stimulating and coordinating educational innovation projects in the faculty.
Contact: Elke Bernaerts, Educational support staff