Social Sciences

Faculty Board & Management


At the head of the Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is Dean Petra Meier. She is assisted by Vice-Dean David Gijbels (research), Chair of the Educational Commission Peter Raymaeckers and Alexander Dhoest, in charge of "service to society". Faculty Director Koen Pepermans completes the picture. An introduction.

Koen Pepermans (Faculty Director)

The Faculty Director is responsible for the policies on personnel management, budget and infrastructure. For instance, in allocating office work space, the director acts as an intermediary between the different departments and research groups, individual employees and the faculty at large.

Also, a large task is the support offered in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of education & research policy. The merger of the faculties (see ‘History’), the visitations by the accreditation organizations in both education and research, the BaMa-implementation, … . You name it, and the Faculty Director has a hand in it.

A last responsibility is acting as the official representative of the Faculty in various internal and external Boards and Commissions at the University of Antwerp.