Let’s shape the future

This slogan is what drives the University of Antwerp to bring about positive change and take on challenges within society.​

Discover the university’s mission statement and learn how the long-term vision is brought to life through cutting-edge research, including academic teaching and active community engagement.

Mission statement

Through its free and innovative research, student-centred academic teaching and targeted service to society, the University of Antwerp aims to have a valuable impact on the development, dissemination and use of scientific knowledge. In this way, UAntwerp aims to permanently strengthen its commitment to the further development of a sustainable world and a democratic and inclusive society founded on human rights.

The University of Antwerp understands its core tasks as follows:

  • Academic teaching, focusing on the person as a whole
  • Creative and innovative scientific research
  • Service to society and engagement based on our own expertise
  • Forward-thinking valorisation of knowledge, with sustainable solutions for humans and the world

The University of Antwerp is guided in these tasks by the following distinctive lines of strength:

  • Excellence emerging from a culture of quality, supported by a caring work and learning environment
  • Academic freedom based on scientific integrity
  • Students as full and co-creating partners
  • At home in the city, but with a view to the world
  • Diversity as added value, inclusivity as the standard
  • Active pluralism as a basis for dialogue
  • Encouragement for collaboration and interdisciplinarity

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