Proceeding from the mission statement, the University of Antwerp further elaborates its cores tasks as follows: 

Academic teaching, focusing on the person as a whole

We train students to become experts in their fields, while providing them with and interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective on knowledge. This will allow them to grow and develop themselves into professionals with a broad general education, in addition to being critical and independent global citizens who are empowered to find their own way. This educational path turns the focus towards both degree programmes and lifelong learning.

By devoting continuous attention to educational innovation, promoting self-reliance in students and providing for the professional educational development of our academic staff, we can guarantee the outstanding quality of the research-based teaching at the University Antwerp.

UAntwerp offers its PhD students a doctoral study programme with a conscious focus on research competences and skills that they can also use outside the academic context.

Throughout their academic educational programmes, the University of Antwerp aims to contribute to the personal development of its students by providing them with opportunities for and actively encouraging community engagement.

Creative and innovative scientific research

The University of Antwerp is a dynamic and research-intensive university where scientific research is conducted that has both international scientific and societal impact. The University of Antwerp encourages creative and innovative scientific research, both fundamental and applied, proceeding from academic freedom and responsibility. The university offers space for the broad range of research questions and methods, and it actively supports open science.

To this end, the university’s research policy creates a stimulating environment that allows researchers the time and space to enjoy performing cutting-edge research to the best of their ability. The university focuses on its strengths, with continued attention to global research and embeddedness within teaching.

Service to society and engagement based on our own expertise

The University of Antwerp aims to contribute to a sustainable, democratic and inclusive society in an expert and entrepreneurial manner. In these efforts, the university recognises the need for open dialogue, driven by standards and values. It supports and encourages its staff and students in this regard.

What distinguishes the University of Antwerp from activism is the multiplicity of perspectives inherent in its scientific methods. It promotes the public debate and visibly embodies its values through unifying science communication and targeted networking, both regionally and internationally. The university is committed to moral and global engagement, taking the worldwide Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, and it serves a leading role in this regard.

It cherishes its ties with its alumni as a source of mutual inspiration. In the spirit of its framework of values, UAntwerp permanently encourages its graduates to assume their social responsibility.

Forward-thinking valorisation of knowledge, with sustainable solutions for humans and the world

UAntwerp develops knowledge and expertise in partnership with government entities, private partners and citizens, with a focus on applications, either with or without a profit motive. It actively seeks possibilities for valorising knowledge in a sustainable and societally valuable manner. The university encourages enterprise and an entrepreneurial spirit amongst its students and staff. Attention to structural, forward-thinking solutions is essential in this regard. Where possible, our university also derives opportunities for further research and teaching from these valorisation efforts, without compromising its scientific independence.

Core tasks

In carrying out its core tasks, UAntwerp, as a leading academic institution in Belgium and beyond, contributes to the following: