PhDone? Take part in the 'Vlaamse PhD Cup'! Register before 30 June | In Dutch

Did you obtain your PhD in the last 2 years? Share your research (in Dutch) - participate in this contest! After intense media training you will be challenged to explain your research in only 3 minutes!

6 June 2024: Postdoc Day

For postdoctoral researchers and final-year PhD researchers at UAntwerp | Discover the programme and register now!

6 June 2024: Lunch & Learn 'Heart coherence' | 12:00-14:00 | Stadscampus, room S.D.013

Organised by Health and Safety Department | Session in English

11 June 2024: Unravelling your stress system L&L Cognitive Behavioural theory | 12:00-14:00 | Stadscampus, room S.D.015

Organised by the Health and Safety Department | Session in English

13 June 2024: Fairness and bias in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

For PhD resarchers and postdocs from the humanities | Register before 10 June | This workshop makes you aware of the presence or lack of fairness and bias in NLP, on a theoretical level and also in a hands-on way. After this course, you can tackle your own data with AI in a more responsible way!

13-14 June 2024: Spatial Omics | VIB| Ghent

Target audience: Big Data, Bioinformatics, Cancer biology, Computational biology, Data mining and analysis, Human diseases, Imaging, Immunology & inflammation, Integrative omics, Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence, Mass spectrometry, Metabolomics, Microscopy, Multi-omics, Neurobiology, Omics, Plant biology, Spatial omics, Tools & technologies, Transcriptomics (PhD, Postdoc, Academic)

11-13 September 2024: The Leuven Protein Aggregation Meeting (2nd edition) | VIB | Leuven

Target audience: Human diseases, Protein technologies, Neurobiology (PhD, Postdoc, Academic)

10-11 October 2024: The Brain Mosaic: Cellular heterogeneity in the CNS (3rd edition) | VIB | Leuven

Target audience: Human diseases, Single cell technology, Neurobiology (PhD, Postdoc, Academic)