Academic and administrative contacts in the various faculties, institutes and departments are there to help you with particular questions or aspects relating to your PhD:

  • The contacts of the Antwerp Doctoral School can help you with questions regarding educational credit, the progress report of the doctoral study programme, completing your doctoral study programme, joint PhD's, etc.
  • The administrative contacts can help you with practical questions about admission procedures for PhD students, annual progress reports of your research, submission of your thesis, language of the thesis, defence and so on.
  • The academic contacts can help you with content-related questions. The academic coordinators/contacts also serve as a contact point if you have any problems. When it comes to the  University of Antwerp  Association faculties, the research coordinators are the first point of contact.
  • The ombudsperson if you need mediation in conflict situations.
  • The confidential advisors at the Antwerp Doctoral School can help you with work-related problems of a psychosocial nature such as stress, violence, harassment and sexual harassment, but also with issues such as discrimination, racism, a traumatic event, ...