This procedure is based on the general PhD regulations of the University of Antwerp. More information is provided per phase (see navigation).

Starting your PhD

1. Admission to the PhD studies and enrolment

  • Step 1: Finding a subject and a supervisor
  • Step 2: Looking for funding
  • Step 3: Submitting your application to the Registrar's Office
  • Step 4: If applicable: Registering as personnel with the HR Department

2. Arranging confidentiality agreements

Obligations during the PhD

1. Annual re-enrolment
2. Creating your ORCID ID
3. Submission progress report PhD research
4. Doctoral study programme
5. Submission annual progress report doctoral study programme

Preparing the thesis

1. Deciding on the thesis language
2. The design and form of the doctoral thesis
3. Arranging confidentiality agreements

Preparing the defence (in 9 steps)

  • Step 1: Submission of the doctoral thesis to individual PhD commission (IPC) 
  • Step 2: Completing the doctoral study programme
  • Step 3: Composition of the doctoral jury
  • Step 4: Submission of the doctoral thesis to the doctoral jury
  • Step 5: Possible pre-defence and organisation public defence
  • Step 6: Announcement of public defence
  • Step 7: Processing the announcement and preparing of the certificate supplement
  • Step 8: Submission of the thesis to the Central Library Office (digitally + on paper)
  • Step 9: Public defence

After the defence

1. Award of the diploma
2. Talent Center for early-career researchers
3. Jobs for post-doctoral researchers