PhD procedure and regulations

  • The full PhD procedure which needs to be completed by PhD researchers can be found here. Click on the titles for more details.
  • The PhD regulations refer to the PhD process at our university.  The general PhD regulations apply to all PhD researchers of the University of Antwerp. Additionally, the faculty PhD regulations contain specific rules that only apply to the PhD researchers of that faculty/institute.
  • What is expected from PhD researchers, supervisors, the IPC, the faculty, the ombudsperson and the Antwerp Doctoral School? See the general PhD regulations, appendix 1 ('charter for PhD researchers'), for more information.

Good research practices

  • The University of Antwerp subscribes to the Code of Ethics for Scientific Research in Belgium and the European Code for Research Integrity, and expects its PhD researchers to take them into account in the implementation and supervision of PhD research. Visit this webpage on research integrity for more information.
  • The University of Antwerp subscribes to the Open Science Movement and encourages its researchers to join this movement

Helpdesk (FAQ)

Find the answers to frequently asked questions on the helpdesk. Do you still have a question? Create a ticket via the helpdesk or email

Science communication

The Science Communication team regularly organizes courses, contests and summer schools aimed at PhD researchers. Do you want to learn more about this topic and improve the way you communicate about your research? Discover the training offer here or have a look at the overview of trainings that can be included in the doctoral study programme and that are supported by the Antwerp Doctoral School.

Mental wellbeing

More information will be added soon.

Financial support

More information will be added soon.