In collaboration with the Registrar's Office, the ICT Department and the faculties, the Antwerp Doctoral School has developed ePhD, a tool in SisA to make the administrative process of the PhD trajectory more accessible and transparent.

This tool offers PhD researchers an overview of the actions they need to take in order to fulfil the administrative requirements of the doctoral process. These actions are the so-called ‘milestones’ in ePhD.

Importantly, ePhD is the location in SisA where PhD researchers submit their research progress report and the progress report of the doctoral study programme. The PhD researcher also has to fulfil the subsequent actions (submitting the confidentiality checklist doctoral thesis, requesting the public defence, submitting the digital version of the thesis to the library, etc.) belonging to the different ‘milestones’ in advance of the PhD defence via ePhD.

In addition, the educational credit can be consulted via ePhD.

Consult the manual on ePhD via the Helpdesk.