The primary objectives of the Antwerp Tax Academy (hereafter ATA) are to promote, facilitate and conduct multidisciplinary fundamental and applied scientific research and to develop and support multidisciplinary academic education, including specific training components and both short and long programmes on taxation. ATA is also an open, pluralistic platform for collaboration between the academic world (universities, university colleges, etc.) and society (governments, companies, interest groups, etc.) which aims to develop and acquire insights into taxation through multidisciplinary scientific research. In this way, ATA hopes to contribute to tax science and thus to society.

The following elements of ATA's mission are particularly important in defining its operations:

  • an academic activity centre which encompasses research, training and service;
  • an emphasis on quality and a high-quality academic level;
  • national and international collaboration and appeal;
  • the multidisciplinary nature of the activities;
  • a focus on fundamental, applied and policy-oriented research, rather than individual, client-oriented advice;
  • an open, pluralistic platform for collaboration between universities, university colleges, governments and society;
  • contributing to tax science.