Are you looking for ways to activate students? Need to give a lot of feedback, but don't know how? Do you want to be more confident in front of a group of students? Then ECHO has a thematic offer to help you with these questions and many others!

Target group and language

The ECHO offer for assistants is only open to UAntwerp staff and focuses primarily on newly started assistants.

Only assistants who play a (purely) supportive role in teaching assignments can participate. Doctoral assistants, postdoc researchers and OP members who are fully responsible for their teaching assignments can participate in our lecturer training

The ECHO offer for assistants is mainly taught in Dutch. However, we regularly offer themes in English as well. There is also an English-language online learning environment open for all UAntwerp staff.

Thematic offer 

Our offer for assistants consists of separate training moments on educational themes that are relevant to your teaching practice. Applications are open throughout the whole academic year. It's up to you to decide for which theme(s) and for how many themes you register. Do consult with your supervisor before registering. 

You will receive a certificate if you succesfully complete (at least) six educational themes. For the awarding of these certificates, we provide an annual festive proclamation. 

The themes

Which themes can you choose from? 

  • Activating students
  • Assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Feedback
  • ...

Each educational theme consists of two parts:

  • a content-based part in the form of an activating lecture or blended learning environment
  • an application-based part in the form of an assignment in which you apply the learning content to your own educational practice

If you register for a theme, you are expected to participate in both parts. This will take about 10 hours of your time. 


Are you considering taking part in one or more of the listed themes? In the menu on the left you will find the registration pages for the themes that will be offered in the next period.