Lecturer training – University Teaching Qualification (BKO)

Teaching at university level is an exciting but complex task. New lecturers often have many questions about the provision of high-quality education.

  • How can I activate my students in a targeted way or integrate a blended learning approach?
  • How do I draw up tests in a valid and reliable manner?
  • And how can I contribute to the field of education within the programme or faculty?

These and other questions about high-quality teaching are at the centre of our modular programme for new lecturers.

Successful participation in this programme falls under the professionalisation criterion as mentioned in the evaluation grid for senior academic staff (Dutch: zelfstandig academisch personeel, ZAP) at UAntwerp.
The qualification is also recognised by all Dutch universities thanks to the agreement of October 2011 regarding mutual BKO recognition between the Dutch VSNU and UAntwerp. (BKO: BasisKwalificatie Onderwijs, University Teaching Qualification)

Target group

The programme is only open to academic staff at the University of Antwerp. The lecturer training programme is primarily aimed at recently appointed ZAP members (i.e. lecturers and senior lecturers) at the University of Antwerp. Doctoral assistants, postdoc researchers and OP members can participate if they are fully responsible for their teaching assignments.  Members of staff who play a purely supportive role in teaching assignments can take ECHO’s assistant training.

Official language

The programme is taught in Dutch. This means that Dutch is spoken during the group input sessions. Most of the supporting documents (module information, learning materials, etc.) are also in Dutch.

If you are not sufficiently proficient in Dutch, you may use English to contribute during the sessions. An additional, brief explanation of the content and organisation of the module can also be provided in English on request. If necessary, the assignments may also be submitted in English.

2020 modules

In 2020, two of the three modules will be organised, namely the 'Teaching’ module (‘Geven van Onderwijs’) (study time 20h) and the 'Helping to Build the Educational Organisation' module (‘Meebouwen aan de onderwijsorganisatie’) (study time 30h).

If you complete all three modules of the ECHO Lecturer Training in 2020 (i.e. 'Designing Education', 'Teaching' and 'Helping to Build the Educational Organisation'), you will have completed the programme as a whole. You will then also need to complete a final assignment (study time 25h).

Here you can find further information about these 2020 modules (in Dutch).

Questions or suggestions?

For further information or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the ECHO lecturer training coordinator:

Dr. Ann Stes
tel. +32 3 265 43 53