For every (junior) lecturer or assistant of the University of Antwerp who wants to get to know the basics of teaching

Are you looking for the most up-to-date information to take your teaching to the next level? Do you want to professionalise in the field of education and...

  • teach according to the UAntwerp vision on education; 
  • educate your students in a competence-based manner;
  • stimulate your students to actively process the learning content;
  • measure and grade students’ competences with appropriate assessment methods;
  • provide your students with qualitative feedback; 
  • monitor the quality of your course unit(s)?

Can you tick off one or more questions? Then our English-language ECHO offer ‘Essentials of Teaching’ (EoT) might be something for you! To tailor this programme as much as possible to your needs, it’s up to you to decide how much time you want to invest in it.

Content and format

In this online Blackboard course we focus on different educational topics, such as competence-based teaching, activating students, assessing and grading, giving feedback and quality assurance. For every topic you as a lecturer or assistant can watch screencasts, but you can also dive into articles, policy documents, websites, etc. You can freely browse around and engage in the topics that are relevant to you. 

Target audience

This offer is aimed primarily at all new international lecturers or assistants at the University of Antwerp. However, Dutch-speaking lecturers and assistants who would like to professionalise themselves in this English-language offer are also more than welcome to join. 


Once you've registered via the link below, we will soon give you access to the Blackboard course. And then it's up to you to determine your learning path and pace.

Hope you'll get inspired!