IMPORTANT: Please note that the individual coaching will be most effective if you have already completed the Academic Writing in English course.

Looking for one-to-one coaching on academic writing in English? Submit examples of your own writing and receive individual feedback from a specialised teacher. The teacher will point out mistakes that you make frequently, explain why they are mistakes and suggest ways to correct and avoid them in the future.

Who for
Bachelor and Master students
(and others with an interest in academic writing)
Individual appointments in a period of your choice.
It takes around one month to complete the coaching.
On campus or online (your choice)
€165 (students)
€195 (non-students)


  • You send a representative sample taken from one of your own texts to the teacher (maximum 650 words). Please select a text which has not yet been edited by anyone else (e.g. supervisor).
  • The teacher analyses the language, style and coherence of the text and prepares the first feedback session.
  • During the first 30-minute feedback session, the teacher explains the main strengths and weaknesses identified during the analysis of the text. Extra exercises/resources are provided where necessary and examples are drawn from your text.
  • Using the information and tips from this feedback session, you then correct your own text.
  • After the self-correction, the teacher analyses the corrected text again to make sure that you’ve understood and applied the tips correctly.
  • Finally, you meet your teacher for a second 30-minute feedback session to discuss any remaining difficulties. You will learn how to use the tips most effectively to improve your writing in the future.

If you have any specific difficulties or questions, please let your teacher know before the coaching starts.


There is no test at the end of the course. We can issue a certificate of attendance on request.

Registration and payment

Please email to schedule the text submission deadlines and feedback sessions.

Note that registration is only complete when we have received your payment.
Please transfer the registration fee to bank account number IBAN BE65 7350 0931 3196 BIC KREDBEBB - include ‘ACEN STU Writing Coaching’ and the name of the participant in the payment reference.

No refunds will be made if the participant cancels within one week of the agreed start date.