Preparatory one-year programme: Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context

The one year programme Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context is aimed at non-Dutch-speaking students who want to prepare to enter higher education in Dutch. The programme (15 hours of daytime classes every week) consists of a combination of language acquisition and three modules designed to deepen participants’ knowledge:  Academic Study Skills; Culture, Politics and Social Relations; and Dutch Phonetics and Pronunciation.

Within language acquisition, we start at absolute beginner-level and finish at Level 5, with the Interuniversity Test for Dutch as a Foreign Language serving as the final exam. Passing this exam means students comply with the language requirements for higher education and can enrol to study in Dutch at a Flemish university or university college.

The most experienced Linguapolis teachers coach the students both in their language learning process and in their final higher education choices.  The programme also comprises cultural activities (museum visits, theatre evenings, a Christmas party, a study trip to Ghent, etc.). Students are encouraged to practice their language skills outside the classroom.

The one-year programme is an intensive full-time programme. Its participants are enrolled at the University of Antwerp, receive a student card and can use all of the university’s facilities (library, student restaurant, sports facilities, etc.).

Students who need a visa: students admitted to the programme can start the procedure for obtaining a visa.


More information - academic year 2019-2020:


Christa Huygen
Kleine Kauwenberg 12
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Tel. +32 3 265 57 52