Vlaams Opleidingsverlof

All Linguapolis Dutch as a foreign language courses of 45 and 90 contact hours qualify for Vlaams Opleidingsverlof. Only workers who are employed for at least 50% in the private sector in the Flemish Region are entitled to Vlaams Opleidingsverlof.

If you qualify, please contact the Linguapolis secretary’s office before the start of the course ( with mention of your name, complete home address (i.e. including box number if applicable) and your National Number for Belgium (= Rijksregisternummer).

Note: There is no Vlaams opleidingsverlof, but there is training or educational leave for those who work in education or the public sector. Unfortunately, none of our courses are eligbile for Paid Educational Leave. Training or educational leave is a favour and not a right. Ask your employer. Read more at

Kmo-portefeuille (SME e-wallet)

The SME e-wallet is a measure whereby you – as an entrepreneur or practising a liberal profession – receive financial aid when purchasing services that improve the quality of your enterprise. These services contain training courses and advisory services. Linguapolis is a registered and eligible service provider with registration number DV.O100322 For information and the application procedure see the official website of the Flemish government.

A Linguapolis language course can be followed within the theme "Internationalizing" provided that there is a direct link between the course and the current or future international business of your SME. The course must contribute to the strengthening, growth or transformation of your company. All conditions can be found here.
If your company does not meet all the conditions, you cannot take advantage of this subsidy.

Almost 850 people rated our Linguapolis language courses 4 out of 5 stars on the SME e-wallet platform.

Training vouchers

Linguapolis can only accept training vouchers for Dutch courses, if a secondary school degree is your highest level of education. With this voucher, you can save up to half of the registration fee for your course. For more information see

Employees can apply for a training voucher via the 'WSE-loket' using the ODB registration number, different for each course type and level. Make sure to select the correct registration number using the tool below to avoid the risk that your voucher cannot be accepted.

Find here the correct ODB registration number for your Dutch course.

Received the email with your digital training voucher from Edenred?
Submit it to Linguapolis by forwarding the email to


  • You can only apply for training vouchers as soon as your course level is known. If your level is determined by an entry test, you pay the registration fee in full from your own pocket. As soon as you have applied for the vouchers afterwards and you submit them to Linguapolis, we shall refund you as quickly as possible.
  • Training vouchers must be submitted prior to their expiration date and prior to the end of the course.

Stadsbeurs & Vlaamse beurs

1. We would like to inform you about the stadsbeursa scholarship for Dutch courses level 2, 3, 4 or 5 higher education perspective, subsidized by the Antwerp City Council. The conditons can be found here. If you live in Antwerp City and if you think you meet the requirements, please contact Atlas via​

2. We would like to inform you about the Vlaamse beurs, a scholarship for Dutch courses level 1, subsidized by the Flemish government. The conditons can be found here.
- If you live in Antwerp City and if you think you meet the requirements, please contact Atlas.
- If you live in Antwerp Province and if you think you meet the requirements, please contact the Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering (Regio Antwerpen).

Subsidies for outgoing exchange students (KdG & AP)

KdG University College: subsidy = max. 150 euros
AP Univeristy College: subsidy = max. 250 euros

Outgoing students from the university colleges can apply for a financial grant to take a language course in preparation of a stay abroad.

For detailed information on the rates and conditions, go in advance to the International Relations Office of your University College:

Subsidies for ZAP staff (UAntwerpen)

More info on Pintra.

Subsidies for ATP staff (UAntwerpen)

More info on Pintra.

Course subsidy  through your joint committee

As employee you can ask for a course subsidy through your joint committee. The joint committee for employees, CEVORA (ANPCB or PC218) for example, provides up to 100 euros financial support annually, regardless of the amount of courses taken. For more information:

Are you a member of another joint committee? Go to to find out more or contact your company’s human resources office.


Altissia (no more licences available for 2023-2024)

As a Linguapolis student you can purchase a licence for Altissia, an online language platform, for only 10 euros. Altissia is available in 25 languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hongarian, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish and Swedish.With Altissia you can improve your writing, listening and reading skills through self-study. Request a licence by sending an email to The licence will be valid from 1 October 2023 until 30 September 2024.

Please note:
- Are you a UAntwerp student? Then purchase a licence for Altissia for 10 euros through
- Are you a UAntwerp doctoral student or staff member? Then purchase a licence for free through
- The number of licences is limited. The offer is valid for as long as there are licences available.
- This Linguapolis bonus is separate from our language courses. Altissia is not a Linguapolis product and is not part of our teaching materials.

ECTS credits

More info.

MOVE: special rate for sports & cultural activities

You can purchase your MOVE and discover the full sport and cultural program, organized by the University of Antwerp Sports Office and Rubi The Cultural Factory. The price of MOVE is €35 and is fully or partially reimbursed by the Flemish health insurance companies. Your MOVE is valid during the whole academic year.


Employees in the Flemish public sector can apply for educational leave (Vormingsverlof). For more information see:

Special offers

On the pinboard in Blackboard you’ll find special offers like discounts on tickets for cultural activities, job offers and free events.You will receive information about your username and password on the day of your first class.