ACADEMIC YEAR 2024-2025​

Year-long course 1x/week - Oct-June - Live online

Start registrations: Friday 14 June

65 hours - 32 weeks - 1 evening per week

EVENING (8pm - 10pm) -  live online

1 hour of class = at least 1.5 hours of self-study

instruction language = English

Course code
9/10/2024 - 25/6/2025
level 1
  • Our year-long Swahili (or: Kiswahili) course is a varied and challenging language course. For a full academic year, you will attend live online classes during one intense session per week. Through this course you will learn the basics of Swahili – a lingua franca and one of the easier Bantu languages – and experience the culture. Complemented by a good dose of motivation, perseverance and self-study, you will be amazed by your proficiency at the end of the year-long course. 

  • During the live online classes, we focus on active teaching methods, practical exercises and lots of interaction. You will need a quiet workplace, a computer with internet connection and a camera. A smartphone is not enough.

  • The instruction language of this course and of the teaching materials is English. Therefore, you need to have a good level of proficiency in English (ERK B1) to take this course.