The Dennie Lockefeer Chair hosted the free-of-charge hybrid lecture 'Multimodal Supply Chain Capacity Issues: the way forward' on Thursday 19 January 2023 from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Given the great international reach of the previous lecture, we were pleased to offer this lecture in a hybrid format. In the lecture, we explained the prolongation of the Dennie Lockefeer Chair. The third lecture 'Multimodal Supply Chain Capacity Issues' built on the successful ‘Supply Chain reality’ lecture where D&D were explained from three perspectives: customs, law, and finance. The current lecture continued to focus on the legal-economic perspective. In addition to the research, the industry panel discussed broader issues related to intermodality. 

We were delighted to welcome 70 people live in the F. de Tassiszaal and 78 people from 27 countries in the cloud. The industry panel, which consisted of four partners of the Dennie Lockefeer Chair (DP World Antwerp, b.v. FR. Hellebosch, Cofano, and Umicore), provided a lively discussion around topics related to D&D and intermodality. Thank you all for being present!

The recording and slides of the research will be made available after the publication of the paper.


Multimodal Supply Chain Capacity Issues