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Master of Social Work and Welfare Studies

Preparatory Programme Social Work and Welfare Studies
Academic year :

Model Path

maximum 72 ECTS-credits


33 ECTS-credits

Social work research: perspectives6sp1st semester
Raeymaeckers, Peter
6sp2nd semester
Raeymaeckers, Peter
Statistics I6sp1st semester
Vandervieren, Ellen
Qualitative Research Methods6sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Theory construction6sp1st semester
Verschraegen, Gert
Introduction to Scientific Work3sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri

Discipline-specific courses

27 ECTS-credits to choose from:

Sociology6sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Society, facts and problems6sp2nd semester
Cantillon, Bea
Classical Sociological Theory3sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Contemporary sociological theory3sp2nd semester
Verschraegen, Gert
Anthropology6sp2nd semester
Timmerman, Christiane
Social demography6sp2nd semester
Neels, Karel
Sociology of inequalities: class, gender, ethnicity3sp1st semester
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Sociology of Social Space3sp2nd semester
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Sociology of the Family3sp1st semester
Van de Velde, Sarah
Sociology of Care and Welfare3sp2nd semester
Van de Velde, Sarah

Courses Social Work

12 ECTS-credits

Theory of Social Work6sp1st semester
Boxstaens, Johan
Social Work as a Profession6sp2nd semester
Tirions, Michel
Methods of social work3sp2nd semester
Boxstaens, Johan
Workfieldspecialization3sp1st semester
Vander Zande, Catherine